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You are my best friend

You are the most clever, most stupid, most whatever
You are the most honorable soldier, superhero, pretty as a cat
You have integrity that I can not conceive
You are opinionated, you are my belief
You are so good, you are so bad
You have experienced things I never have


I can’t stop listening to this, I’ve listened like 4 times already. I can’t stop laughing omg 

Blackmail of Cody lol

Blackmail of Cody lol

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Please don’t get tired of me.

It happens every time. People lose interest in me. They get tired of me. Suddenly, they don’t bother hitting me up anymore. The conversations become shorter. They forget about me and I just become a distant memory. I wonder if it’s my fault sometimes. But then I realize that people never stay in my life. And there’s nothing I can do about it.

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