Realizing everyone I talk to in person I’ve known for 3 weeks or shorter. And that’s very scary. Everyone is basically a stranger.

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- Luke

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I hope u get eaten out while your fav song plays u all deserve that

((Like whole other side of tumblr. This is kind of a weird post 18+ or something i dont know it’s person if you know me in real life maybe don’t read ??))

So I’m wearing a ponytail today and the guy who I hooked up w/ like 2 weeks ago and I were sitting next to each other and I kept like hitting him w/ my hair cause imma flirt. And he was laughing like “are you actually trying to hit me?” (Ps we were supposta hook up so I could give him a BJ but then I got hella sick but now I’m not sick!) and I was talking to my friend in the room how I would love for a guy to just be holding my ponytail and like tugging it. Aka kinky shit and he started doing it when the friend in the room wasn’t paying attention and omfg like I need this to happen. Like I really do. I will go crazy if I don’t get my dang ponytail pulled while I give this guy a BJ. Like I want it to happen ASAP. It was so freakin hot I can’t even explain.


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s/o to all the girls in the world for lookin good as fuck

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(((Hella horny cause about to get period & I asked my fwb if he wants to hook up & they were all “sure”)))


Colonna Palace, Rome.

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